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Wintertime is always the busiest time of year for the club business in Oklahoma City. There are a few reasons for this that I will explain!

First. The weather. When it is sunny and 70 degrees outside we compete with many other forms of entertainment. i.e., Restaurant patios, backyard BBQs, outdoor concerts etc. When it is nice and cold our customers are looking for indoor entertainment almost exclusively. What better way to warm up than a night of fun dancing at The Liszt? It must also be noted that extremely hot weather also helps us as well. When it is 95 degrees with 80 percent humidity our OKC customers are looking for a place where they can have a good time and cool off. What better place to be cool than ours?

Second. Vacations. In the fall and winter not many of our customers are vacationing. Customers may take a brief trip to see family for Thanksgiving or Christmas but this usually offset by the number of people coming to Oklahoma City to see their relatives.

Third. It is dark earlier. Most people don’t think of dancing when it is light outside. When it is still light at 9 pm people haven’t started to think about going out yet. Dark at 5 pm and they are ready to go when the night clubs open.

Add these up and you can see why wintertime is our busiest time of the year. Make plans now for a wonderfully fun time no matter what time of year it is! Birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, graduation parties, girl’s night out or you just wanting to have fun.

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