Smoke Free Nightlife In Oklahoma City, The Liszt

When choosing a venue for enjoying an evening out with your friends one of the first deciding items is if it is smoke free or not. Obviously the nonsmokers want to go to a place that is nonsmoking. This requirement by many people is growing by the day. The health aspects of this requirement are obvious. Secondary are the smell issues. Nonsmokers, especially women, don’t like going to an establishment and leaving with their clothes and hair smelling like smoke. For many women with lots of hair this can be particularly problematic. Washing, drying and styling long hair can be a very time consuming process. Thirdly is what smoking does to the quality of the establishment one is patronizing. Smoking venues stink like smoke. No way to get rid of the smell no matter what is done. Furniture and carpets are damaged with cigarette burns and burn marks are not attractive in any way. Many times owners will put in cheap furniture and floor coverings so the replacement costs are not as high if they even replace the damaged items. Smoke will ruin any artwork hung on the walls, damage the HVAC equipment and shorten the life of the bar equipment. So what to do if some of the group are smokers? You go to The Liszt!

The Liszt is the ultimate smoke free nightclub and lounge in Oklahoma City. We are dedicated to providing a quality environment for the nonsmoker. We also recognize that there are customers who enjoy smoking while they are out for the evening. We can accommodate both. Our club is smoke free but we have a smoking room in the rear of the club. This allows smokers to be able to enjoy their smoke without having to leave the club and go outside. Leaving the club creates problems especially when we have a line when we are at capacity. The smoking room is inside and is temperature controlled so smokers won’t freeze or melt depending on the season. Our best feature of the smoking room is the giant exhaust fan removing the smoke from the room. We have a 1,500 cfm exhaust fan that exchanges all of the air in the room every one and a half minutes. This keeps the smoke from getting into the customers clothes so when they return into the club they don’t smell like smoke. Hot diggity, everyone is happy!

There is no reason to visit a smoking venue and leave your clothes on the front porch ever again. If you do smoke there is no need to feel like a pariah to have one. Smokers and nonsmokers can party together in harmony. Hallelujah!

Michael Szekely (2020)

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