New Year’s Eve At The Liszt Club

New Year’s Eve is always the busiest night of the year in the club business. Why is that? You have two groups of customers who go out to celebrate the holiday at clubs like The Liszt in OKC. Your regular customers who come all year long and want to celebrate in their favorite place with their friends. Funny thing is that they are usually the ones who wait until the last minute to make reservations for the party. And reservations are a must for New Year’s eve. I have worked 26 of the last 28 holidays and every single one of them sold out of tickets. This last year I received 240 calls after I sold out of tickets. If you figure several people for reservations per phone call it is a staggering number of people who missed the best party in Oklahoma City. The customers who only go out once a year are the ones who make reservations early. Since it is their one night out on the town for the year they plan early for the celebration. We love all of them! Taxi rides home in OKC on NYE were almost impossible to get. We only had a few cabs in town, usually at the airport, that could no way fill the need for safe rides home after the festivities. Now with Uber and Lyft it is quite easy to get a safe ride home. This development helped increase the number of people going out for the holiday than in years past. So, if you want to enjoy the perfect night out for NYE make sure you call early for a reservation at The Liszt! Best clubs near me

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