Best dance clubs in OKC

The Halloween party and costume contest at The Liszt is absolutely the best costume and dance party in Oklahoma City! There is no better place to spend a fun filled evening with your friends.

What makes The Halloween party at The Liszt so fun? It is the holiday itself. It one of the only holidays of the year that is just plain fun. It is not tied to a religious holiday, national holiday or family-oriented event. You don’t have to cook a big meal and invite your weird relatives over to sit around a table and tell the same old stories again. You get to put on a costume, dance and have fun. That’s it!

The Liszt is the best place to show off your costume and dance in OKC. You might even win prize money for one of the best costumes. We have parties on both nights of Halloween weekend. This allows you to come both nights or pick the one that works best with your schedule. Every year we have lots of awesome costumes. It’s amazing to some of the effort that goes into some of the outfits. Take a look at our gallery page and you will see what I mean.

Even if you don’t dress up the people watching is amazing. Call your friends now and make plans to enjoy one of the best nights of the year at OKC’s best nightclub.

Costumes, drinks, friends and dancing. No better recipe for a fun night out in Oklahoma City.

Michael Szekely, 2020

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