Guidelines For Ladies Going Out To A Club For The First Time

Ladies, we at The Liszt provide the safest, classiest and smoke-free nightclub in Oklahoma City. The Liszt is the perfect place for and a friend or group of friends to dance and have fun! If you are new to the club scene, below are a few tips to ensure your experience will be awesome.

Don’t drive. Uber or lift are the best options for ensuring the night can be enjoyed without the danger of driving impaired. It will add a little to the night’s expenses, but it is well worth the investment.

Always bring your ID. Almost all nightclubs ID their patrons regardless of their appearance. It may be your 21st birthday or you may have grandkids, but you will still need a state approved ID to prove you are that age. Many clubs are now using electronic ID scanners to reduce the number of fake IDs. If you are not 21, wait. It’s not worth it to be caught. False identification can be prosecuted as a felony.

Dress appropriately. Just because it is a night club you don’t have to break out your prom dress. However, cargo shorts and a hoodie are probably not a good idea either. The best way to figure out what is appropriate is to check out the club’s social media posts or pictures on their website to see what customers are wearing at that club. You can do that for The Liszt at

Come with a wingman. It is always a good idea when going to a new place for the first time to bring along a friend. People up to no good are less likely to approach a pair or group of people than someone out by themselves. As you become a regular the staff and other customers will get to know you and watch your back.

Relax and have fun. That’s why you’re are there in the first place. If you are looking like you are sitting on a popsicle people will look at you funny all night.

Buy a drink and tip. It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic drink. Pay for something and tip the server. Buy bottled water. Don’t ask for water in a plastic cup. I believe it tipping for the service you want. If the server doesn’t provide the service paid for, get a different server. You would be surprised at the comments made about customers who want free water, don’t tip then complain about the service.

Drink within your limits. Even though you are not driving home you need to keep it classy. Club managers are governed by varying laws on how we have to address customers that appear impaired. It can vary from quitting serving them to asking the customer to leave the club. The key word mentioned earlier was “impaired”. This can include cannabis products and prescription medications not just alcohol. Moderation of your consumption will always ensure a better experience for everyone. Night Club Dance

Take care of your belongings. Common sense dictates don’t leave your purse, keys, money and phone laying on the bar or a table. If it doesn’t fit in a clutch, you probably don’t need it in a night club. If you must have a bag or need to set down you stuff to dance, check with the bar staff to see if they have a purse check, ask if the staff will put it behind the bar or give it to your wingman. Bars in OKC open

Use common sense giving out personal information. They may seem really nice and good looking but no need to rush anything. I wouldn’t trust anyone who had to have my information the first time I met them. There mostly nice people in the world but a few bad apples as well. Clubs open near me, Bars with dancing near me

Be cool, be kind and be safe. Your nightclub experience will be a safe and memorable one.

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