Birthday Parties At The Liszt Night Club In OKC

It’s your birthday! What to do for the big day? Nothing is better than a party to celebrate one more year! If you are at least 21 years old and are looking for a classy, smoke free and safe club to throw your party The Liszt is the place.

Every year we try to figure out something special for ourselves or a friend’s birthday party. Our lives have become more complicated and getting a group of people together for a party is more and more difficult. Long gone are the days when you could buy a cake and leave a few voicemails on cassette answering machines and everyone showed up for a party. For better or worse cell phones have complicated our lives. There are infinite distractions and possibilities for every minute of your life. Now there are some hard core birthday people that will still kick it old school and get a cake, a couple cases of beer, HoHo The Clown and spend two weeks cleaning the house for a shindig. Why all the effort when there is an easy, fun and simple option for everyone.

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Book your birthday party at The Liszt. Call early and make a reservation for a booth or group of tables for the party. We have the perfect venue for you. No need to clean the house, wonder what weirdo your cousin is bringing again, and wonder what to buy everyone to drink. We have a beautiful club, a DJ playing all of the best top 40 dance tunes from the 1970’s to current, a full bar where everyone can get their favorite drink and security to watch your cousins date in a smoke free environment.

Throw the birthday party that everyone will want to attend. Make a reservation for 20 friends and watch 40 show up when they find out that the party is at The Liszt!

Call 405-882-1898 to plan the perfect party now.

Michael Szekely (2020)

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